Emmerdale Cain’s kidnap victim ‘exposed’ as viewers sure favourite set to return

Emmerdale fans are certain they’ve exposed the mystery kidnap victim teased at the end of yesterday’s episode (October 5). Brothers Cain and Caleb were seen hammering wooden boards over a door to keep a mysterious figure inside, before driving away and leaving the victim hemmed in.

The shady duo claimed they were heading to the Netherlands to buy cars for their firm, but were seen at Wylie’s Farm using the abandoned property to hide their kidnapped victim. Cain quipped at the end of the episode: “Nobody is getting in there,” as someone started banging on the other side of the door. “Temper, temper!” Caleb joked.

Though some fans are sure it’s villain Harry – who beat Caleb up so badly he needed medical assistance – being kept behind bars, others reckon it’s someone closer to home, who disappeared from our screens back in 2019.

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If the brothers really did leave the country to source their victim, it makes sense that it could be Debbie Dingle’s ex Joe Tate being kept locked up – with fans sure actor Ned Porteous is returning to reprise his role.

Taking to Facebook with their theories, one keen fan said: “Cain thanked Caleb for his help so it’s more to do with Cain than Caleb… Wonder if it’s Joe Tate? Just a thought!” Somebody else said: “Don’t think it’s anyone to do with Harry/Simon because it’s Cain that seems to be the one thanking Caleb for his help, whereas getting Harry would be what Caleb wants.”

“It can’t be Harry as he’s been seen out and about with Chas and they have a date so I highly doubt that,” a third Facebook user agreed. While a fourth suggested: “Think it’s someone on the run and looking for a hideout, hence the boarded up windows. They were moving around inside, so not a prisoner?”

Yet more viewers took to X – formerly Twitter – to suggest Joe is the mystery man, with one writing: “Joe would be a good twist!”

“Nathan Dingle, Jamie Tate, Joe Tate, another enemy ex of Debbie?” another suggested. And another fan echoed: “My husband, ‘Is it Jamie? Is it Joe?’ but I don’t know! Part of me thought Adam or Aaron but they wouldn’t lock them up.”Other fans are sure Ross Barton could be making a return, penning: “It’s a Barton boy! Ross?” Someone else agreed: “Ross Barton?”

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Some viewers have even suggested Lydia’s rapist Craig could be behind bars, with Kim Tate asking the lads to do her dirty work for her. One thing is for certain, Cain and Caleb don’t play around – and whoever they’re holding hostage isn’t in for a fun time.

Emmerdale airs weeknights from 7:30pm on ITV.

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