ITV Im A Celebs Jamie Lynn Spears isnt opening up over tension with sister Britney

Jamie Lynn Spears is "holding back" in the I'm A Celebrity…Get Me Out Of Here! camp, especially in regard to her feud with older sister Britney Spears, an expert has claimed.

Jamie Lynn, 32, is taking part in the hit ITV show alongside the likes of Danielle Harold, Josie Gibson and Marvin Humes, and has been slowly getting to know her fellow campmates – many of who she was unfamiliar with when she entered the jungle.

In an episode which aired on Monday, 20 November, Jamie Lynn got talking to First Dates star Fred Sirieix in the camp, who asked her about her career and where she's from in the US.

She became emotional as she spoke about becoming pregnant at the age of 16 and her career as an actress and singer.

Body language expert Darren Stanton analysed Jamie Lynn's actions during the chat, revealing she was "being totally genuine" and "felt overwhelmed" during the conversation.

Speaking on behalf of Betfair Casino, Darren said: “When Fred was asking Jamie Lynn questions about her career, we saw her starting to cry, and she was being totally genuine about feeling upset. She was emotional and felt overcome by her feelings, which she found hard to control.

"It obviously struck a nerve with her and she felt overwhelmed. She raised her arms and wiped the tears away, and that was done to protect and comfort herself. I can also see her flashing signals of sadness in her facial expression and posture."

Jamie Lynn also briefly mentioned her older sister Britney, 42, who she's been involved in an on-going feud with since 2021. She said: "I think every family fights and has their stuff but I talked to her before I came here and we love each other.”

Darren claims that while Jamie Lynn was being "sincere" with her co-stars, she was also putting "on a front" as she discussed Britney.

“Jamie Lynn was speaking openly and honestly about her sister Britney. Her tone of voice deepened when she was speaking about her, and that shows she is being sincere and open with her campmates. However, we did see Jamie Lynn put on a front as she became inauthentic with her words," the body language expert said.

He added: "She tilted her head sideways, which is a gesture of reflection. I do sense there is a bit of tension between them. It shows she has some feelings towards their relationship, but doesn’t want to give it away. As we’ve seen a change in Jamie Lynn’s body language, including her tone of voice and moving her head, this suggests she’s hiding a few things and holding back from opening up fully.”

Darren went on to claim that Jamie Lynn wasn't feeling "confident or comfortable" in scenes that aired during Monday's episode, with her campmates rallying around her to run her a bath and sing her a song to lift her spirits.

The body language expert claimed her tears weren't "genuine" this time round, and she "wanted the attention".

“When we saw Danielle trying to comfort her, it was clear she wasn’t feeling herself and wasn’t feeling confident or comfortable. I could sense she was wanting some attention from her campmates. She needed some affection and wanted reassurance and some love," he said.

"I don’t believe they were genuine tears this time around. She was tired and a bit emotional and wanted the attention on her. Her eyes were down and to the right, which tells us she’s reflecting a lot. When the others tried to cheer her up by running her a bath and singing a song, I could see she felt uncomfortable and faked a few smiles.”

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