Joan Collins’ appearance leaves BBC viewers in awe as they learn star’s real age

Dame Joan Collins made a startling appearance on Louis Theroux's latest documentary on BBC2 and viewers couldn't believe that the Hollywood starlet is actually 90.

Dame Joan was born in 1933, and has worked on some of the industry's golden era films with some of America and the UK's biggest stars.

Casually name-dropping the likes of Kirk Douglas and Sir Michael Caine, Dame Joan is still "sharp as a tack" according to fans.

Never seen without a bouncy blow dry and perfectly glam makeup and bright rouge lipstick, the actress also has impeccable fashion sense and keeps a timeless style.

As she chatted and laughed away with Louis at her swanky villa in the French Riviera, Dame Joan, who paid tribute to her "first boyfriend" when he died earlier this year, looked decades younger than her true age.

Taking to X, formerly known as Twitter, viewers couldn't believe their eyes when they learned that she turned 90 this year.

"I’ve always admired Joan Collins, but 5 minutes into #LouisTheroux I absolutely love her. 90 years old, hilariously funny & still a flirtatious minx! #WellBehavedWomenSeldomMakeHistory," one person commented.

Another viewer wrote in disbelief: "Joan collins 90? Wow! #louistheroux."

"Joan Collins is beautiful at 90. And she doesn’t look like she’s had anything done. #LouisTheroux," a third person said.

A fourth fan gushed: "Joan Collins on #LouisTheroux doing full glam at 90!

"Showing how much better a proper face lift looks, rather than the bizarre over filled faces we are more used to now."

"Joan Collins is 90. Ninety. Nine zero. Absolute life goals!! #LouisTheroux #JoanCollins #Iconic," another person added.

The glamorous brunette opened up on her history with the award-winning TV star, as Louis probed on her time starring on iconic US TV show Dynasty.

He also spoke to the author about her five husbands, and her great and enduring love for current husband Percy, whom she's been with for 22 years.

Dame Joan then revealed that she has no plans to retire, despite now entering her 90s, and she believes she still has "one or two" more books to write yet.

What's more, the actress admitted that she still needs to "pay" and support herself, scoffing at Louis' suggestion that she's worth £20 or £30million.

Admitting he scoured Google for that information, Dame Joan insisted that that figure was closer to what she'd managed to to earn across her "whole career".

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