Lexi loses it with Emma as she ruins special day with dying Lola in EastEnders

Lexi Pearce (Isabella Brown) is set to lash out at Emma Harding (Patsy Kensit) in EastEnders as she ruins what may be her final Mother’s Day with mum Lola Pearce (Danielle Harold).

Lola was diagnosed with an incurable brain tumour last year, meaning that she may not have long left to live.

Her family tried to keep the fact that she was dying away from young Lexi for as long as possible, but inevitably the truth came out, leaving the child with a lot to process.

Determined to make the most of their time together, Lexi plans the perfect Mother’s Day in upcoming scenes.

However, things take a turn when Emma turns up announced and decides to tag along.

Emma arrived in their lives earlier this year, having abandoned Lola as a child.

After revealing the truth behind her disappearance, Lola was prepared to give her another chance.

Lexi becomes frustrated as Emma continuously interferes, undermining what she had put so much care into planning.

Heartbroken that their special day has been ruin, Lexi lashes out, revealing that she wanted her mum to herself.

Emma is mortified as she realises that she may have overstepped.

Lola’s mum offers to leave, but is instructed to return to the flat and let Lola talk to Lexi.

Will Lola be able to calm devastated Lexi down and make the most of the rest of their day?

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