MAFS fans baffled as Kasia hits back at Kwame in explosive row ‘How…

MAFS: Kasia gives speech about her intimacy with Kwame

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During the dinner party episode, many issues were brought to the surface for all of the couples. During a question activity, Kasia asked Kwame why they hadn’t yet been intimate with each other, and his answer saw Kasia hitting back with a rant about how “it takes two to tango,” and scolding him for speaking as though it had only been his decision. Married at First Sight fans were baffled by the “awkward” argument, with some fuming over Kwame for being “interested” in his wife, and some accusing Kasia of “twisting” the truth in front of everyone else.

Things turned sour between the married couple when it was their turn to address an issue in their relationship.

Kwame confidently stated: “Alright, let’s rock and roll,” to which Kasia asked: “Why do you think we haven’t been intimate yet?”

“Because of me,” Kwame replied, sparking gasps and looks from the other couples.

Looking furious already, Kasia tried to keep her cool and said: “Continue.”

“Oh, you’d like me to elaborate?” Kwame asked, which Kasia confirmed.

“Okay,” he went on. “I feel like there’s two kinds of women you can meet.

“You can meet a woman who wears her sexual heart on her sleeve, and there’s another woman where it means a lot more.

“If you’re going to sleep with her, you’re not just sleeping with her, you are committing to her.

“Like for me, finding women and intimacy, it’s not something that’s tough – I can get that anywhere.”

Kasia looked ready to argue but instead took a big sip of her wine and continued to listen.

Kwame added: “So if I am to go down that road where I’m not 100 [percent] about you… I feel like that’s a disrespect.

“I could say and do all of those things and boom we have some cold, beautiful sex, that’s no problem, but then what the hell does it mean after that?”

“Can I give you my response now?” Kasia asked, prompting Kwame to answer: “Go for it, darling.”

Kasia snapped: “If you wanted to f***, we could have f***ed.”

As the other couples appeared awkward, she added: “No, listen guys you don’t know me, but if you really want to know me, I’m gonna tell you how it is, okay?

“Now I respect this man hugely, he treats me f**ing right. But what I will say is what I didn’t hear Kwame say is he’s talking about him, how he feels, whatever.

“He thinks we haven’t had sex because of him, but I’ll tell you something now – I’m a f***ing sexual being and I’m a strong f***ing boss b***h.

“And no man can sit in front of me and tell me we haven’t had sex because of him.”

Turning to her husband, she argued: “You have to understand it takes two to tango and for a man to say we haven’t had sex because of him – are you f***ing crazy?”

The tense moment sparked a strong reaction from viewers of the E4 reality show.

Twitter user @Em_Louise769 wrote: “It’s clear Kwame has no interest in Kasia, he just keeps digging himself a deep hole and making up excuses, just admit the truth  #MAFSUK #MarriedAtFirstSight #MarriedAtFirstSightuk #MAFS.”

AdultingByLola penned: “But Kasia we all saw it in 4k #mafs.”

@jenaaai argueD: “Kasia has lost her damn mind… #MAFS.”

Quoting the experts watching on, @Elizabe29708315 shared: “‘We’re all seeing for the first time that they’re not on the same page’.

“Huh? Who are these ‘we’ because I’m pretty sure everyone except those experts could see it from the second that Kasia and Kwame met! #MAFS #MAFSUK #MarriedAtFirstSightuk.”

“I’m so confused is Kasia spinning the truth for the dinner table. Cuz sis we all been watching the truth #MAFSUK #MAFS #MarriedAtFirstSightUK #MarriedAtFirstSight,” @TashAmaka posted.

@shutupbianca_ simply commented: “How awks #mafs #mafsuk #MarriedAtFirstSightuk.” (sic)

Married at First Sight continues on Wednesday at 9pm on E4.

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