Outlander’s Sam Heughan admits he ‘almost gave up’ new project

Sam Heughan reveals he almost 'gave up' on Scotland trail

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Sam Heughan has detailed his time on the challenging project in his new book, Waypoints. The Outlander star is no stranger to revisiting Scotland for roles away from the Starz drama, with Waypoints joining the likes of Men in Kilts on Sam’s CV. However, the Jamie Fraser actor has now admitted he almost packed his bags early on into the hike and nearly ended Waypoints just as it’d begun.

Sam joined the hosts of NBC’s TODAY to explain exactly why he decided to undertake such an intense project on during his already hectic schedule.

When asked what made him want to take on the “adventure”, Sam replied: “It’s something that I’ve always wanted to do.

“The beginning of this trail is actually near my home just outside Glasgow in Scotland. 

“Scotland has this amazing landscape and I’ve always wanted to do this particular hike because at the end of it is Ben Nevis which is the highest mountain in the UK.”

The TODAY hosts then pointed out the lack of time and prep Sam initially took before taking on the challenge.

When asked if he ever questioned his ability to complete the trek, he admitted: “I literally had a small window of opportunity, like a week when I was not shooting,

“And I was just like I’m gonna go and do this and I totally didn’t plan it, you know.

“Got all the gear I had. Had absolutely no idea what I was doing and on the second day, it was a mess.

“I was carrying far too much gear and I almost gave up definitely.”

“What kept you going?” a TODAY host asked, prompting Sam to answer: “It was actually someone I met along the way. 

“I wanted to do this solitary walk, you know, I wanted to reflect on my life and really get back to nature…

“But actually it was the people I met along the way that really kind of made it a lot more fulfilling I guess.”

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The book doesn’t only detail Sam’s journey across the Scottish Highlands, however. 

In it, Sam also discusses the “low-level eating disorder” he suffered after dealing with the pressures of body image as a young actor.

“I think as a young actor, you know, quite green, not really much experience so there were a lot of pressures certainly (when) starting off in the industry that I didn’t really understand,” Sam told TODAY.

He continued: “I think there was a certain body type that we were expected to have.

“I think women talk about it a lot, a lot of actresses have talked about the pressures they face but I don’t think men do.

“And I wanted to mention it, yeah,” Sam concluded as the TODAY hosts praised him for his candour.

Waypoints is available to buy now while Sam will return to screens next year in Outlander season seven.

Outlander seasons 1-6 are available to stream on Lionsgate+ via Amazon Prime Video now in the UK. 

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