Savannah Guthrie’s flirty exchange with Today show guest is too good to miss

Savannah Guthrie loves her job, especially when it involves interviewing her crush! The TV personality admitted that meeting actor Cole Hauser left her a little hot under the collar and shared her joy over Instagram. 

The married, mom-of-two was ecstatic when she got to chat to the Yellowstone star and took to social media with some hilarious photos documenting her flirtation. 

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In one image, Savannah was beaming with delight alongside Cole, and she wrote: “Shameless fan girl.”

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In another, she was caught flicking her hair, a third showed her making direct eye contact with her Today guest, and she even admitted that she believed co-host, Carson Daly, was a little starstruck as well. 

She ended her succession of social media photos with one in which she appeared to be daydreaming and wrote: “Dear Diary. Today is an A+ day.”

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Savannah was presenting with Carson, while Hoda Kotb was absent. Savannah and Hoda normally delight fans with their chemistry, but apparently they don’t always impress producers with their giggles.

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Savannah confesssed she is a ‘fan girl’ of Cole Hauser

While speaking with People at the Today Plaza unveiling of their Halloween costumes, Hoda spoke of her co-star’s razor wit and quick zingers.

“You don’t wanna be next to Savannah,” she told them. “She drops bombs on me during the show that I’m seriously afraid I’m gonna laugh and get fired.”

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The two could not contain their laughter on set, and Savannah confirmed that by adding: “We basically laugh through every single morning.”

Savannah had a positively dreamy day interviewing Cole Hauser

Outside of work, they also have fun and support one another with their young families too. 

Chatting about the support system she has with Savannah in an interview with Good Housekeeping earlier in the year, Hoda explained: “I have some nights where I really messed up and I know I did. And I come in the next morning [thinking], I feel terrible for what I did. What was I thinking? Why did I think that was going to work? They went to bed crying. Like, I don’t want that to be me. 

“But then I talk to Savannah. She’ll say, ‘That was my Wednesday,’ it makes you feel less alone,” she sweetly concluded.

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