Spoilers: Valerie breaks the law as she attempts to help a friend in Doctors

Valerie (Sarah Moyle) is determined to help her new friend get the asthma medication they so desperately need in Doctors. But just how far is she prepared to go to achieve this?

Very far, indeed, it seems. She deliberately sets off a fire alarm at the campus and then sneaks into Al’s (Ian Midlane) office to fake a prescription. She then takes the prescription to the pharmacist and is able to get the medication to Hayley (Caoimhe Farren).

Hayley is delighted by this and Valerie is pleased to see it. But she is also struck by the enormity of what she has done. She has broken the law. She could get into serious very trouble over this.

Later, Karen (Jan Pearson) notices Valerie is not her usual self at work. She looks terrible, seems distracted and is making more mistakes than usual. She seems all over the place and is barely functioning. Later, Valerie is heartened to see Hayley in the park.

Can Valerie get over this?

Will she get away with her crime?

Is she likely to do the same thing again? Doctors’ fans will just have to wait and see.

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