Spoilers: Whitney kills Leo in violent EastEnders showdown

Stalked Whitney Dean (Shona McGarty) has been forced to kill Leo King (Tom Wells) as he attacked her with a knife in a dramatic showdown in EastEnders – but now that he is dead, what will Whitney do? Will she cover up the death or will she put her faith in the police that she will be believed that she acted in self defence.

It’s been no secret to the community that Leo has been Whitney’s life hell over recent weeks as he has targeted her, believing that she lied about his late dad Tony, who groomed and abused her as a teenager and later took his own life.

After blackmailing Whitney and forcing her to ‘confess’ to ‘lying’ in front of the whole Vic, Whitney hoped that she had seen the last of him but he has been lying in wait in her attic, watching and listening to her every move in some seriously sinister scenes.

And when he heard that she still had a letter from Tony, he waited until everyone was out and ransacked the place, eventually finding it. He locked all of the doors and closed in on a terrified Whitney, blaming her for killing Tony as he argued that the letter was a brave and loving act from his depraved father.

Whitney tried to convince Leo that he needn’t go down a dark path like his late dad but he made it clear he intended to get ‘justice’ and raised his knife to stab Whitney. She acted fast and knocked him to the ground with a jewellery box before fleeing, only to find herself trapped.

Leo pursued and hit his head in a struggle but he still wasn’t done and he made once last attempt at Whitney’s life. As he pulled her to the ground, she took the knife from him and the resulting struggle saw him fall onto the blade.

As Whitney realised that he was dead, she was left in a panic. But what will happen next as Whitney now has a body and Leo’s blood on her hands?

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