Brainless thugs open cannabis factory meters away from police station

Fearless drug suppliers set up a cannabis farm just across the street from a police station in a bold act.

Coppers in Lowestoft, East Suffolk, who frequent the streets close to the station, regularly walk the area and began to notice a funky smell and a strange glow coming from the property.

The farm was found just 300 metres away from the Old Nelson Street police station.

Taking to Facebook, Lowestoft Police said: "Coupled with the fact that the building was kicking out a ring pong, the officers soon realised something was afoot."

Inside the building, the law enforcers discovered masses of hydroponic grow lamps beaming down on multiple rows of cannabis plants.

On ‘guard’ was a “sleepy” bloke found at the scene who was promptly arrested for the production of cannabis.

Continuing their humorous post and with a noticeably chipper tone, Lowestoft Police said: "As the yearly nominations for super villain slowly come in it's clear that some won't even get one vote!

"As you all know, growing cannabis is well illegal and bad, but it's probably not a great idea to construct a Cannabis Factory right near the local Police Station!!!"

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In a slightly more serious and official capacity, a spokesperson for Suffolk Police said in a statement: "This is the early stage of the investigation.

"One man was arrested at a commercial premises in Arnold Street and was taken to Great Yarmouth police investigation centre for questioning."

Investigations into the rather surprising discovery are understood to be ongoing.

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