Californian neo Nazi is arrested in Poland for posing outside Auschwitz extermination camp with sign reading ‘suck 6 million d*cks’ and swastika necklace

  •  Jon Minadeo, 39, of California was arrested for wearing a Nazi necklace and holding anti-Semitic banners in front of Auschwitz
  •  Polish criminal law prohibits Nazi paraphernalia, hate speech and promotion of totalitarian regimes
  •  Minadeo, who is known for his bigoted pranks in the U.S., was seen on video berating a South Asian man for ‘ruining Europe’
  • He also reportedly picked a fight with a Polish man who told him that wearing the Nazi symbol was illegal

A California neo-Nazi known for racist pranks around the San Francisco Bay area was arrested in Poland for wearing a swastika necklace and posing with vulgar banners that taunt Jewish leaders outside the front gate of Auschwitz.

Jon Minadeo Jr., 39, who runs several online sites that cater to hate speech and bigotry, also posted a video of himself berating a South Asian man on the street in Warsaw, telling the man that he’s ‘f**king up Europe.’

‘Got handcuffed & arrested in Poland today for (((Hate Speech))) regarding Aushwitz [sic],’ Minadeo posted on his fascist social network Gab, according to the Jewish News of Northern California. ‘Just got released tonight with a fine and my chains and computer temporarily confiscated. Life’s good! You can’t keep me down Jews! #HandsomeTruth.’

Jon Minadeo Jr, pictured right, and a man identified as ‘Aryan Bacon’ or Robert Wilson, holding anti-Semitic banners outside the Nazi death camp Auschwitz

Minadeo, sans swastika necklace, holds up his paperwork from his arrest for violating Polish law against hate speech and promoting totalitarian regimes

Minadeo and Wilson visited Warsaw spreading neo-Nazi hate speech and harassing tourists

A photo shows Minadeo standing outside of the Auschwitz-Birkenau in a sunglasses, a T-shirt and shorts, holding a sign that says ‘GREENBLATT SUCK 6 MILLION D*CKS’

Jonathan Greenblatt is the head of the Anti-Defamation League, a Jewish organization that calls out and fights anti-Semitism. He’s a frequent target of Minadeo’s ire.

Auschwitz was one of the most notorious and brutal Nazi death camps where 1.1 million Jews, including 200,000 children were either put to death in its gas chambers or died of starvation. It is now a museum to preserve the horrors of the Holocaust, during which Germany attempted the mass extermination of Jews.

Next to Minadeo, a man identified by the Jewish News as Robert Wilson, also wearing sunglasses, a T-shirt and shorts, holds up a banner that says ‘Shoah ADL.’

Shoah is the Hebrew word for catastrophe and ADL refers to the Anti-Defamation League.

The photo, which was posted to Gab on August 27, according to the Northern California publication, under Minadeo’s handle ‘Handsome Truth’

California hatemonger Jon Minadeo Jr berated this South Asian man for more than four minutes on video, calling him a ‘parasite’ and demanding that he leave ‘my country’

In one particularly ugly video, Minadeo harangues a South Asian man he sees outside a Warsaw mall, telling the man that he should go back to his own country

‘We must continue exposing the Jewish anti white propaganda! That for decades has conditioned our people to be slaves for the Jews.’ It attacks the ADL as ‘an anti white terrorist organization’ and says the Holocaust is ‘a f***ing hoax,’ the post said.

Minadeo continued to spread his hate in Warsaw, according to a video posted on Reddit under the headline, ‘American tourist in Poland goes on a racial tirade against Indian guy.’ 

In it the California hatemonger accosts a South Asian man on the street which has been identified as the Atrium Reduta Shopping Center asking him ‘Why are you here? You think you can just invade Poland? Why don’t you go back to your own country?’

 The man says, ‘Stop filming me, please.’

But Minadeo continues to stalk and harangue the tourist with racist slurs and bigoted questions for more than four minutes.

‘This is my country,’ the American says. ‘I’m European. Why are you coming to the white man’s land.’

The hate group took off in 2020 as they began spewing false conspiracy theories vilifying the Jewish people with anti-Semitic and anti-COVID narratives 

The hate group was started by Jon Minadeo II, 38, from the Bay Area in 2020 (Left: Jon Minadeo II)

The Goyim Defense League is one of many anti-Semitic hate groups that have popped up during the pandemic capitalizing on COVID conspiracy theories (Pictured: A white van covered in swastikas and anti-Semitic slurs that was used during a Goyim Defense League ‘tour’ of Florida in May 2020)

 He calls the man a ‘parasite’ and says ‘You’re genociding our race. You’re an invader. We don’t want you in Europe. Poland for Polish only.’

 And he had still had more hatred to spread.

In yet another video described by the Jewish News of Norther California, Minadeo lounges in an outdoor café in Poland wearing a T-shirt that says ‘White Pride’ and sporting a gold swastika necklace when a man approaches and tells him the Nazi symbol is illegal.

 ‘Who makes it illegal?’ Minadeo asks. 

‘The Polish government,’ the man tells him.

‘No, the Jewish government,’ Minadeo replies. 

He refers to the man a ‘f***ing pussy’ and a ‘cuck’ then challenges him to a fight.

A group of men alarmed the population of Beverly Hills and West Hollywood with this truck carrying anti-Jewish slogans

Anti-Semitic slogans were spray painted over this box truck in a stunt believed to be carried out by the Goyim Defense League, according to watchdog groups

Flyers claiming to be from the Goyim Defense League have been found in Florida, Colorado, Wisconsin, Texas, California and Maryland 

In a Gab posting, Minadeo holds up a document entitled ‘Concerning the rights of a suspect in penal proceedings.’

Polish law prohibits anyone from spreading ‘fascist or another totalitarian state or calls for hatred against national, ethnic, racial or religious differences or for non-denominational status.’ The penalty for violating the law carries an unspecified fine or up to two years in prison.

Before his whirlwind anti-Semitic tour of Poland, Minadeo was known to authorities and anti-hate watch groups.

It’s believed that his Goyim Defense League was behind a prank in Beverly Hills in which men dressed as Nazis drove around the wealth Los Angeles town with men in Orthodox Jewish garb in a box trunk emblazoned with the slogans ‘Jewish Lives Matter More’ and ‘Need any more proof that your’e [sic] living in a occupied country,’ with the ‘o’ replaced by a star of David.

The Goyim Defense League was responsible for 74 anti-Semitic incidents in 2021, according to the Anti-Defamation League.

Minadeo is also believed to be behind anti-Semitic flyers which have been found in and around Jewish neighborhoods across the United States.

During the height of the pandemic he and members of his group hung banners from highways in Northern California declaring the pandemic a Jewish plot to control the country. 

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