‘Devil’ woman brutally stabbed ex to death moments after she fell from balcony

A “devil” who stabbed her lover to death in a frenzied attack after her ex had already fallen from a fifth-floor balcony has lodged an appeal to get out of jail early.

The evil woman, Zixi “Jessy” Wang, was sentenced last year to at least 19 years behind bars after the horrific killing of Shuyu “Lianne” Zhou, in Sydney, Australia.

At the time, the judge said the brutal slaying was “particularly heinous” after the court was shown footage of the Chinese national inflicting 58 stab and slash wounds to 23-year-old Ms Zhou, her former girlfriend, in June 2019.

New South Wales Supreme Court Justice Robert Beech-Jones said Wang had displayed a “pathological callousness” as she stabbed Ms Zhou’s neck, torso and upper arms after the victim had fallen from Wang’s following a fight.

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In a victim impact statement, Ms Zhou’s mother Li Wang asked the killer: “How could you be so merciless? What on earth are you, a human being or a devil?”

Now Wang’s lawyers are claiming that she was the subject of a miscarriage of justice. A report by prominent forensic psychiatrist Dr Richard Furst has made a causal connection between her depressive disorder and the dreadful attack, reports News.com.au

The court previously heard that Ms Zhou had gone to Wang’s apartment to pick up her belongings following the breakdown of their two-year relationship.

Neighbours said they heard shouting and objects being broken before Ms Zhou fell from the balcony.

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CCTV showed the grim moment that Ms Zhou’s body hit a fence before flipping over and landing on the pavement.

Wang took the lift down to the bottom floor to check on her former lover before going back to her flat. She then returned to Ms Zhou with a 13cm knife and started the frenzied attack, which lasted nearly for two minutes.

Wang will be deported to China when she is released.

The Supreme Court will give its ruling on her appeal at a later date.

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