EuroMillions couple who won £3.6m jackpot ‘went out and bought cat litter’ first

A couple who scooped £3.6million on the EuroMillions have revealed their first purchase was some humble cat litter.

The age-old question of what the first thing you would buy if you were to win the lottery has been answered.

Helen and Lee Kuchczynski, from Morecambe, Lancashire, were the lucky winners of £3,665,079.10 when they won the July 12 EuroMillions draw.

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The pair have now opened up about what it was like winning the life-changing sum, and how the have spent it.

As well as the usual buying a “dream” home and a posh sports car – Audi RS4 Avant – Cumbria-born Helen revealed what her first purchase was.

She said: “My first purchase as a millionaire was two bags of cat litter while Lee invested in a new back-scratcher, not sure if that is living the high life!”

They haven't yet given up their jobs, however.

Helen is a financial administrator and Lee is an HGV driver.

It was Helen who initially bought the ticket, having played the game online.

She recalled: “I logged into my account on the laptop but was disappointed to see the balance was the same as usual, 40p.

"I logged in with my app instead to see if that showed anything different, still 40p, so I then clicked on the message and the 40p was very quickly forgotten, and replaced with £3,665,079.10!

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“As I handed the phone to our daughter I said, ‘I’ve won something on the National Lottery but I think the decimal point is in the wrong place so it’s probably a scam'.

“She looked at it, refreshed the app, refreshed it again and finally, turned to me and calmly said, ‘Mum, I really think it’s real, you need to ring the number.’”

Helen's winning numbers were were 14, 18, 24, 25, 50 and Lucky Star 6.

The other Lucky Star in the draw was 11.

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Despite wanting to find out about her winnings at the earliest possible moment, the phone lines were closed, so she had to wait the next morning.

Having done so, she called husband Lee to tell him.

Lee recalled: “I’d just done a drop in Scunthorpe and was headed to North Wales for the next job when Helen told me she had good news but that I had to pull over as it might be shocking.

"Hearing, ‘we’ve won £3.6million on the National Lottery’ certainly was good news and certainly was shocking!”

What would you buy first? Let us know down below.

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