German man, 47, sliced off his own penis with a folding razor after smoking cannabis as cops find body part in flat

A MAN frantically phoned emergency services after cutting off his own penis with a folding razor while high on cannabis.

After receiving the late-night call, cops and paramedics rushed to the 47-year-old's flat in Mainz, Germany.

He was treated at the scene after slicing off his own penis before being transferred to hospital.

The man had to undergo emergency surgery following the unfortunate incident.

During an inspection of the apartment, police found his severed member.

Next to it was an amount of marijuana, which he had been smoking before making the emergency call shortly before midnight on Monday.

According to a spokeswoman from the Mainz Police Department, the man used a folding razor to cut off his penis.

He was under the influence of cannabis at the time, she added.

No further information was given about the background of what happened or the man's condition.

It is not known whether doctors have been able to reattach his penis.

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