Hamas hands youngest Israeli hostage baby Kfir & his family 'over to another Gaza terror group in sickening trade' | The Sun

ISRAEL has accused Hamas of blocking the release of its youngest hostage, 10-month-old Kfir Bibas.

Hamas "no longer has control" of baby Kfir after he was allegedly handed over to another Palestinian terror group inside Gaza in a sick trade.

The IDF stated that Kfir and his family are being held by another "faction" in the southern city of Khan Younis, which is expected to be a major target in Israel's next offensive.

The move has raised fears that the baby is being used to further leverage talks to extend the truce, which is currently set to hold until Wednesday.

The infant was snatched by Hamas monsters from Kibbutz Nir Oz during their October 7 killing spree along with his brother Ariel, 4, mother Shiri, 32 and father, Yarden, 34.

A video of the terrified mother carrying the infants as Hamas drags them screaming from their home remains one of the most distinctive of the war.

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Relatives of the family say they feel "great uncertainty" over their fates after none were released in recent exchange deals.

IDF spokesman Avichai Adraee claimed the "babies with red hair" had been transferred to another Palestinian terror faction near Khan Younis, Gaza's second largest city.

“Children and babies under the age of one who have not seen the light of day for more than fifty days are being held captive by Hamas, [who] treats some of them like loot and in some places has transferred them to other terrorist organisations in the Gaza Strip,” Adraee added.

It is not currently known which Islamic terrorist group now holds the youngsters.

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However, military analyst Michael Horowitz claimed: "It appears they may be in the hands of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP)."

The PFLP are one of the largest Palestinian terror groups that claims to represent Gaza and the West Bank.

After the hostage deal expires, Israeli defence minister Yoav Gallant has vowed to use "the same amount of power and effort" on a renewed military assault in Gaza.

He claimed that Hamas is using the temporary ceasefire to prepare for the IDF's coming offensive.

“We will fight in the entire strip,” he said.

On Monday, Israel and Hamas agreed a 48-hour extension to the initial four-day ceasefire as 20 further hostages are expected to be released.

Three Palestinians will be released for each Israeli hostage released from Gaza.

Israeli Prime Minister Isaac Herzog said that he had received a list of captives to be freed later today and was alerting families.

Last night, 11 more hostages were freed by Hamas after spending 51 hellish days in captivity.

Nine children, including three-year-old twins, and two mothers were released.

But the children freed last night have all left behind their fathers in the maze of tunnels underneath Gaza.

Roughly 170 Israelis are still being held hostage, but 40 are no longer under its control, a Hamas source told CNN.

A total of 58 people, including 19 foreign nationals, have been released over the ceasefire's first three days.

Israel agreed to free 150 jailed Palestinians as part of the initial truce and released 33 women and young men last night.

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