Harry and Meghan Netflix series LIVE: Royal family brace for attacks

Harry and Meghan Netflix documentary LIVE: Final three episodes released TODAY see Duchess branded a ‘scapegoat’ as royal family brace for fresh attacks

MAILONLINE LIVE BLOG: Follow all the latest royal updates as the final episodes of Harry and Meghan’s Netflix documentary are released. 

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Meghan accused of ‘peddling conspiracy theories’

Meghan Markle was last night accused of ‘peddling conspiracy theories’ by suggesting comments made by Ann Widdecombe in the Celebrity Big Brother house were part of a plot to turn her into a ‘scapegoat’. 

Former Tory MP Ms Widdecombe, 75, was dragged into the furore after the latest trailer for Meghan and Harry’s Netflix documentary suggested Palace aides ‘fed’ negative stories about the couple to the media as a ‘distraction’ technique. 

In yesterday’s teaser clip, the Duchess of Sussex, 41, and her allies claimed there was a ‘war against Meghan’ that saw people briefed to tell unfavourable stories about her and the Duke, 38, in a bid to make damaging tales about other royals ‘go away’. 

Alongside the visuals appears a newspaper article on how Ms Widdecombe branded the Duchess ‘trouble’ during her stint on Big Brother in 2018. 

However the ex-politician said last night that Meghan is ‘paranoid’ if she believes she had been ‘briefed’ to make the comment. 

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The second half of Harry and Meghan’s Netflix documentary is thought to focus on the breakdown of relations between the Sussexes and the rest of the royal family.

The last three episodes look set to explore the Megxit crisis, when Harry and Meghan stepped down from royal life to move to the US.

In trailers for today’s release, Prince Harry is heard saying: ‘There was no other option at this point…I said “we need to get outta here”.’

Final three episodes to air at 8am TODAY

The final three episodes of Harry and Meghan’s bombshell Netflix docuseries will air this morning with the Royal family bracing for fresh accusations of ‘leaked stories’.

A trailer released by Netflix showed the couple making claims that the Palace briefed against the Sussexes to deflect attention from less favourable coverage of other royals.

The Royal family and Palace aides will be bracing themselves for ‘truthbombs’ in the second installment, released at 8am GMT, with The Firm facing accusations it leaked negative stories as part of a ‘war against Meghan’.

Meghan’s lawyer Jenny Afia, in a trailer released on Wednesday, alleged she had seen evidence of briefing from the Palace against the couple to suit other people’s agenda.

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EPHRAIM HARDCASTLE: Courtiers assigned to watch Sussex series

Despite Buckingham Palace’s determination not to comment on Netflix’s Sussexes saga, courtiers have been assigned to watch the documentaries and produce a list of potential rebuttals as well as inaccuracies.

These are, apparently, to be cross-checked for howlers and given the once-over by royal lawyers before being locked in a drawer ready to be produced should the need ever arise.

A source says the Palace may be giving the impression of insouciance right now but is stockpiling ammunition just in case it needs to stop the Sussex bandwagon in its tracks. 

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Netflix documentary series about Prince Harry and his wife Meghan racked up more viewing time on the streaming service than any other documentary during its first week, the company said on Tuesday.

The first three episodes of Harry and Meghan recorded 81.55 million viewing hours after its debut last Thursday, Netflix said in a statement. More than 28 million households watched at least part of the series.

Harry and Meghan was the second-most watched English-language series on Netflix globally last week, behind only Addams Family drama Wednesday. Harry and Meghan was the number one English-language series during the week in Britain.

Large viewing figures are also expected for this week’s episodes.

Netflix has released a series of trailers ahead of this morning’s episodes, and they look to be far more specific than the first three.

While last week’s episodes saw multiple veiled jibes towards the royals, it is feared this week will see individual family members named by the Sussexes.

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‘It’s revenge’: Royal experts predict ‘catastrophic’ final three episodes

Royal experts have predicted that today’s Netflix episodes will constitute a form of ‘revenge’ on the royal family by the Duke and Duchess of Sussex.

Multiple trailers released ahead of the release at 8am this morning have suggested today’s episodes will see a series of attacks on members of the royal family and the press – but the exact content is unknown.

This includes the claim that Meghan was ‘fed to the wolves’ by the family, who allegedly leaked stories about her to the press.

Royal commentator Richard Fitzwilliams said: ‘The question is, to benefit which royals and who knew about it? Which other members of the royal family were involved or were courtiers briefing without their knowledge?

‘William was named in an earlier trailer by Harry. This will be catastrophic for the relationship between the once close brothers.’

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