I won £700k on the lottery at 83 – it hasn't changed me & I'm waiting for Mrs Right but I treated myself to a luxe buy | The Sun

MOST people would buy the flashiest of cars and jet off on holiday if they had £700k land in their bank account.

But humble Alexander Hardingham hasn't let the money change his lifestyle, although he admits to splurging on one luxe purchase.

The 84-year-old won the jackpot last year thanks to the Postcode Lottery which saw his street in Aberdeen, Scotland, win a total of £3.2million.

The lucky pensioner bagged a huge chunk of the money, £733,648 to be exact – and a year on the wheelchair-bound man is still in disbelief.

He often finds himself waiting for that call, telling him “it was all a big mistake”.

Despite Alexander admitting he felt like 'King Charles' after winning the jackpot, he said the money hasn't changed him or his way of life.



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“I can be sitting all suited up here, with a fancy car parked outside,” he told Press and Journal.

“But that’s not for me – I’m too set in my ways, and I’m nae changing.”

Being born in Aberdeen, Alexander wasn't set on moving away to a big mansion with his winnings or flying anywhere exotic.

Instead, he was more than happy to stay in his home of 42 years and live comfortably.

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Although – he does admit if he was 40 years younger he would have spent a hefty £20,000 sailing on a cruise ship, if he had a special someone to go with him.

When Alexander scooped the massive prize last year, his sense of humour hit the headlines.

The plucky pensioner joked that first thing on his to-do list would be to “get a girlfriend” but it seems he is still waiting for her.

Neighbours joke that women would be lining up to ask him out on a date after his windfall.

Despite being unlucky in love so far, Alexander has loved being able to buy things without checking the price tag.

Working at Royal Aberdeen Workshops for the Blind and Disabled for 26 years, Alexander describes himself as a 'simple working man' who couldn't splash the cash at any given moment.

“It’s a rare feeling,” Alexander said.

“I can get whatever I want without even thinking about the price. If I just decide I need a new fireplace, I can get it immediately just like that.

“The thing is I don’t really need anything, and I was as happy before when I was just on my disabled pension.

“I’ve never had that kind of money, and now that I do – I don’t know what to do with it.”

He did decided to treat himself buying a new sofa, a pair of glasses and some new clothes.

His most expensive purchase was a luxe Swiss cuckoo clock carved form wood he had always wanted.

While it's not as flashy as a sports car, it cost Alexander a few hundred quid and holds sentimental value as his grandparents used to own a similar one.

With all that money lying around, Alexander and his brother, John, have decided to invest in a financial adviser to ensure his winnings are used wisely.

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And the chipper pensioner continues to play in case he gets lucky again, “I still smile every time I think about it,” he said.

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