We don't want a 300ft-high eyesore sphere built by our homes… it’s as tall as Big Ben – we won’t be able to sleep | The Sun

FUMING locals have blasted plans for a 300ft-high "travesty" set to make their lives a living hell.

Plans for a giant sphere that will seat 21,5000 visitors and blast music from 167,000 speakers has sparked outrage among nearby London residents.

The venue, proposed by developers MSG, will see concerts, sporting matches and various events take place bang in the middle of a residential Stratford neighbourhood.

Las Vegas is already home to a $2.3billion MSG Sphere, which opened on Friday last week to host a U2 concert.

Lead singer Bono called the creator, James Dolan, a "mad ba****d" as he performed at the giant sphere's debut.

London Homeowners have slammed the potential structure as they fear their lives will be plagued by endless light and noise pollution.

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They also dread traffic and parking chaos as visitors flood to the giant ball – which will eclipse the height of iconic landmarks Big Ben and the London Eye.

Fuming charity worker, Lindesay Mace, told The Telegraph his group, Stop MSG Sphere London, will continue to fight the plans.

The 44-year-old said: “The fact that where we are now, on the permission being granted, is a travesty of justice.

“The sphere is designed for Vegas, the city of lights.

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"It is not designed for a small site that is surrounded with three blocks of residential properties."

He added that developers are trying to squash resistance by offering black out blinds to nearby residents.

But, Lindesay said this weak attempt to appease locals is "insulting" as it will do nothing to help those living directing opposite 16,000 LED screens.

“One of our members, she lives 75 metres away, her windows all face opposite the site," the spokesman added.

“We are going to have massive glowing advertisements blaring [into our homes] from one of the biggest structures the UK and Europe has ever seen, it is just ridiculous.”

While MSG were granted planning permission last year, the firm is still waiting for the Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan's, approval.

Michael Gove, the Secretary of State for Levelling Up will also be involved in the final decision.


Sphere Inventor, Mr Dolan, also built New York's famous Madison Square Gardens and his company MSG own the New York Knicks basketball team.

The construction mogul claimed to come up with the Sphere after causally drawing someone standing inside a circle.

Trust colleague David Dibble, MSG Ventures’ CEO, even played around with the idea of using the shape of a muffin, before settling on the ball.

“London is still very much moving forward, that is definitely a big part of the business plan, to build more Spheres all over the world," Mr Dolan told Variety.

“And by the way, different-size ones too – probably not much bigger than the one in Vegas, but we’ve actually gone through already architectural drawings and designs for smaller Spheres for smaller markets.”

MSG claimed the site will generate around £50million in profits every year for London, which will benefit local businesses.

And, £2.5billion in revenue for the city within two decades while offering 1,200 jobs onsite is also proposed by the company.

A Sphere London spokesman said: “We are pleased with the progress we are making.

"Sphere London will deliver many cultural and economic benefits, including creating thousands of jobs and generating billions of pounds for the local, London and UK economy.”


But Green Party groups are concerned for the welfare of both animals and the environment should plans be approved.

Zack Polanski, deputy leader of the Green Party said: “Where the proposed plan is, a lot of these places are migratory routes, both for birds, wildlife, insects and light can both attract wildlife in the wrong direction or repel them away.

"It is just horrendous."

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The deputy leader said while tourists in Vegas only have to see the Sphere there for a couple of days, London residents will be subjected to light and noise pollution constantly – which he branded "inhumane".

“No one wants to be the fun police but it feels Orwellian, [and] 1984 to have this huge screen peering at you the entire time," he added.

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