Receive or refuse casino bonuses

“Fear the Greeks who bring you gifts”. Every online casino considers it its duty to give the player some kind of bonus. Sure, it’s nice, everyone loves gifts, but the saying about free cheese comes to mind. And for good reason. Your intuition was right – you have to pay for the “gift”. So, always be aware of the terms and conditions under which casinos offer bonuses and, accordingly, whether it’s better to opt-in or out of casino bonuses. Let’s take a closer look:

  • Types of bonuses in casinos: what to get and what not to get,
  • Features bonuses,
  • Advising where to play safely and what to read is useful.

Usually, casino bonuses need to be wagering with a wager. The wager is the number of times you will need to wager the bonus amount received. Now imagine that you’ve opted for a 300% first deposit bonus with a Wager of 40 and deposited $100. You can find the great bonus in the online casino Play Fortuna.

And now you have not $100 invested, but $400 in your account. “That’s quite a perspective! You can go the higher limit, play higher limits, and not have to worry about pennies!” – Inexperienced players think, and they’re wrong. Because it’s very easy for someone without experience to lose everything fast. It is better to play for fun first, that is, to play for money. You learn the payout table and the game, and then you can make money bets. The wager conditions are such that until you win it back, you can not withdraw money from the account. So, until you wager $4,000, you get nothing.

What Casino Bonuses to Receive

  • It makes sense to receive only those bonuses that can be later withdrawn to a payment system. Those bonus money that can not be withdrawn from the online casino, not only not useful, but also harmful to the player.
  • A player should get bonuses with a Wager requirement of 40x (for bonus money) or lower. Online casinos with NetEnt software can have a positive win expectation by using them.
  • Pay attention to the limits associated with the maximum wager with an active bonus. It is not recommended to take the bonus money if the maximum bet limit is set below €5 per spin.
  • Carefully read the rules of the house’s bonus policy. If the rules are a lot of incomprehensible, such as “you can’t change your bet after winning, use features of the software, professional play, etc.”, you should refuse such casino bonuses.
  • For large high stakes games, it always makes sense to refuse bonuses. For small games, on the other hand, it makes sense to widen the scope of the bonuses you receive somewhat.

The good news

    • The good news is that you can choose to receive or forgo casino bonuses.

Unfortunately, many people find out about this option late – often when they have already made their first deposit. The truth is that not all casinos have a button labeled “Refuse Bonus. Don’t worry if you’ve already decided to play at a certain casino and don’t want to wager your bonus. If that’s the case, send an email to support asking them not to add the bonus to your deposit. It makes no sense for them to refuse you, because then you’ll leave and they won’t get any profit from you.

    • Here’s more good news: not all bonuses need to be wagered.

Be sure to read their terms and conditions. Sometimes, especially gambling sites like to do it at registration, give a bonus for nothing, like 25 free spins. That’s a whole 25 games, during which you can win something! Usually, they win all sorts of small things, but there are still cases of big winnings. Now, these winnings have to be wagered. That means, if you have nothing in your account, you have to make a deposit and play for real money. Or your winnings will still be in your account.

    • Rarely, but there are attractions of unprecedented generosity – no wager bonuses.

This is exactly the case that players are hoping for – a gift, a real one, which does not need to be wagered and can be easily withdrawn to a payment system wallet or bank card. Unless, of course, you have less money in your account than the minimum allowed for withdrawal.

How to refuse bonuses in online casinos, we have figured out: look for the coveted button or, if there is no such, write to support. Always read the terms and conditions of the bonus carefully, so you won’t regret wasting time and money. If the wager doesn’t scare you and you’re willing to give up the bonus, be patient – it’s a slow process, but you’ll get there. Good luck!