Second stimulus check is expected in JULY – and Americans want it to be TWICE as much as first round – The Sun

A NEW wave of bumper coronavirus stimulus checks could be coming to millions of Americans as soon as July.

The proposed round of checks would give $1,200 to individuals, $2,400 to couples, and $1,200 per child – a bump from the $500 per child in the first round of payments.

Donald Trump has hinted that he supports the "generous" idea as senators say they are weighing up options for the latest round of financial relief.

Oklahoma Republican Senator Jim Inhofe said: “It is going to happen, it’s just not going to happen yet." after two hours of discussion at this week's Senate Republican luncheon.

Senators are supportive but are still hammering out the details to try and encourage people to go back to work, but support those who are most in need.

“What you don’t want to do is have a reward given to people who don’t want to work,” Inhofe added according to Fox8.

The second round of checks is up for debate as part of a $3trillion stimulus package.

Texas Republican Senator John Cornyn says a payroll tax holiday is also being considered.

He said: “That is a little challenging because the payroll tax is how we pay for Medicare and Social Security, but that would be a way to get money directly in the hands of people who need the cash."

Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin is cautious about making the same mistakes as last time.

The Government Accountability Office just reported that $1.4 billion was mistakenly sent to dead people as part of the first round of payments.

Despite a date not yet having been set for Congress to vote on the aid package, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell is sticking to his previous projection of July.

"If there's another [stimulus package], it will come together in July," McConnell said last week.

"We need to take a look at how the economy is coming back and decide whether or not we're going to do one last rescue package.

"And I predicted we'd make that decision in July and I'll continue to say that today."

Congress will likely make a decision before August 8 – which is the last day the Senate is set to meet before taking a month-long recess until September 8, AS first reported.

Senate, House, and White House officials will further be pushed to make a decision as the monthly $600 enhanced unemployment allowances expires on July 31, despite millions still being out of work.

More than 1million Americans each week have filed jobless claims, for 13 weeks in a row.

The US is currently seeing a new surge in cases after multiple states failed to contain the virus properly before they reopened.

Around 2.5million US citizens have been officially diagnosed with coronavirus since it first struck in February and over 125,000 people have died from it.

The Senate is soon heading into a two-week recess, from July 3 to 17.

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