Big Time Rush’s Kendall Schmidt & Katelyn Tarver Have Epic Jendall Reunion on Instagram Live

Kendall Schmidt and Katelyn Tarver had two Instagram live reunions this week!

The former Big Time Rush stars were on each other’s live programs, starting with Katelyn on Kendall‘s show Koffee with Kendall.

During their reunions, Kendall and Katelyn reminisced about their time on the hit Nickelodeon show, and shared some memories from the “Big Time Break-Up” two part episode and the “Worldwide” video.

Kendall thought the looks they were giving were crazy and Katelyn shared, “You guys were in… some of the shots were in slow-mo, and to be able to film it in slow-mo, you have to do it live double speed, and you guys all had to be in your all white, trying to be really brooding and sexy, but also singing along to a double speed version of ‘Worldwide’. I was dying. I feel like you guys were so annoyed.”

At the end of the week, after both of the Instagram Lives, Katelyn shared some photos from the Big Time Rush days. Check them out below!

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Here are some of the photos I shared during my ig live with Kendall. Figured they belonged here too. BTR FOREVER JENDALL FOREVER. ????? I love all of these people.

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