Denise Welch backs Meghan and Harry after hand holding causes backlash

Prince Harry and Meghan hold hands in Westminster Hall

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Prince Harry, 37, and Meghan Markle, 41, have faced backlash after they were spotted holding hands at Westminster as they honoured the late Queen today. The Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s gesture has been a talking point on social media this afternoon, causing Denise Welch to share her thoughts.

The 64-year-old responded to a Twitter user named Lainey L, who likened the couple to “two lovesick teenagers” for holding hands.

Another chimed in, adding: “They touch each other a lot too.

“Either it is young love or a sign of insecurity among people they have alienated in one way or another.”

Lainey responed writing: “They’re not exactly ‘young’ so it must be insecurity.”

Loose Women star Denise couldn’t resist making a saracastic comment as she responded to the backlash.

She wrote: “How sad that you clearly don’t have someone who wants to hold your hand.”

The actress went on to agree with Denice Ryan, who pointed out that there was less fuss about Zara and Mike Tindall doing the same thing as others backed the couple.

Jane Godley shared a picture of the Queen’s granddaughter and her husband holding hands alongside the tweet: “Some right wing flag frothers are so upset Meghan and Harry held hands – I mean how b****y dare they? LOOK AT THEM DISRESPECTING THE QUEEN, its all over the news. #sarcasm #MeghanMarkle

Denise replied: “‘Clearly too old and obviously insecure’… Oh sorry that’s just Meghan and Harry. My bad.”

The actress is no stranger to defending Harry and Meghan on social media and on Loose Women.

After another Twitter named JustMeSteve branded Prince Harry’s wife “a bully” recently, she replied: “Funny that everyone she worked with as an actress adored her!”

When asked why she was so supportive of Meghan, Denise said she “hated seeing a woman (or anyone) subjected to the bullying she had endured”.

Last month, the ex Coronation Street star had a fiery debate with her fellow panellists over the former Suits star’s interview in The Cut.

Denise told the panel she’s been on the “Meghan Markle support wagon” ever since she first got with Prince Harry.

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She went on to say: “I do seem to be in the minority, I think that Meghan Markle can do nothing right and hasn’t been able to since the beginning.

“To live in a world where she is denigrated so badly everyday, even when she was suffering incredibly mental health issues with a child, I don’t know how she survives sometimes.”

Prince Harry and Meghan attended the Queen’s vigil in Westminster today amongst the rest of the family.

The former stood next to his brother William as the coffin left Buckingham Palace.

Also on foot were the Queen’s four children; King Charles, Princess Anne, Prince Edward and Prince Andrew.

The late monarch died surrounded by her loved ones aged 96 last Thursday.

Just hours before the news was announced, Buckingham Palace said the Queen was under medical supervision by doctors.

A state funeral will be held on Monday.

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