Logan Paul Takes Steamy Shower With New WWE U.S. Championship Belt

logan paul

Logan Paul turned his U.S. Championship belt into a censor bar this week — the WWE Superstar posted a completely naked shower snap on social media … with only his new, shiny addition covering his junk!!

The Maverick — who won his first wrestling title over the weekend after beating Rey Mysterio at Crown Jewel — shared a few snaps of his life as the champ on Thursday … and let’s just say he’s been getting some quality time with the hardware.

logan paul

The 28-year-old clearly wouldn’t let his new belt leave his side as he went about his daily routine — spooning in bed with his fiancée, Nina Agdal, enjoying a rooftop stogie, working out … and even when he was rinsing off!!

A lot of Logan’s followers cracked jokes in the comments … with one person saying, “Nahhh no one is wearing that belt after the last pic 😂” and another going a bit more blunt by adding, “Bro got his meat all up on da belt.”

It’s been an insane start for Logan’s wrestling career — the dude has fought big names like Roman Reigns, Seth Freakin’ Rollins, Ricochet and The Miz over the past year and a half … and now, he can finally call himself a champion.

logan paul

WWE might need some disinfectant wipes on deck … just in case he ever loses the belt.

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