I make more money than my man so he's the stay-at-home dad – too many women don't want to work, they're lazy | The Sun

A MUM who is the breadwinner in her family has claimed most women don't want to work anymore and would rather find a sugar daddy.

Jaelyn Cox, 29, makes more money than her partner and is proud of being the main provider for her two children.

The OnlyFans model returned to the strip club where she is employed just days after giving birth recently.

She says she doesn't understand why more women don't throw themselves into work rather than rely on their other halves.

Jaelyn, from Glasgow, said: "I make more money then my boyfriend so he watches the kids and I go out to work and make money for us.

"If he worked he would only get maybe £700 a week if he’s lucky and I can go out and make that in one day.

"I can’t understand women who are in relationship and let the man do everything and pay for everything.

"I think it’s good to be independent. I've noticed girls don’t want to work anymore they just want to find a sugar daddy and it confuses me. It's lazy.

"Why not be your own sugar daddy?"

Jaelyn Cox,  previously told how her partner is proud of her careerbut that dating can be difficult when someone works in the adult entertainment industry.

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She said: “My boyfriend helps me take pictures, he tells me I look good and he helps with my fake tan.

“Most guys I’ve been with are bothered by it but he said he’s not insecure and that he trusts me.

“I’m so used to guys being jealous and he doesn’t see anything like that.

“If I post picture with my boobs hanging out he just likes it.

“What he said was that other guys are insecure with themselves and that’s why they try to control you.

“Every other boyfriend wanted my password to go through my phone, they asked where I was and just got really possessive.”

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