I’m 6’4 and weigh ‘half a ton’ – I still walk around with my gut out, I don’t care how people react | The Sun

A WOMAN with plus-size everything – height and weight – has been left feeling surprised at the reaction to her recent post.

In it she promised viewers she would get her gut out and was expecting a lot of hate.

But intead she managed to sent hearts racing and it has left her blushing.

On her platform Sophia Presley (@shemeatress) describes herself as being “unapologetically fat”.

She certainly has Amazonian proportions too in the height department.

In her post, Sophia wore a black pair of trousers matched with black crop top, with her belly rolls out for all to see, and she revelled in her spectacle.

This plus-size woman was in an uncompromising mood: “Fun little reminder,” she said.

“If you see my big 6’4”, half a ton a** walking around and my gut is out and you make a face, I will rub your f*cking face in it.”

This statement was followed by a wicked chuckle.

Tall and big she owned her shape and was prepared to take the body shamers on but she was in for a surprise.

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“Expected a lot of hate, but now blushing,” she said

A lot women, similarly tall and big, were inspired by her chutzpah.

But there were also many men agog at her challenge and expressed a willingness to have their faces rubbed into her belly.

“Do you promise?" was a question posed by many others.

“I will intentionally make a face then enjoy it," was typical of several fans.

Similarly, this follower said: “Sounds fun," and for another:“Be a dream though.”

But her post motivated many others.

“And just like that I will have my belly out this summer, enjoying the sunshine and the breeze. Thanks," was one grateful response.

Finally: “I’m 6’3” and we’re built the same. Thank you for representing us.”

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