I sold my house and belongings to live in an abandoned trailer park – I had just $600 in the bank but don't regret it | The Sun

TWO YouTubers have sold their house and all their belongings to purchase an abandoned trailer park.

They were left with $600 in the bank, but they don't regret their "life-changing decision."

TikTokers Emilie and John James documented their journey one year after buying a deserted camper.

"We're going to share with you what our lives have looked like over the last 12 months," they said on TikTok.

"After we made the life-changing decision to sell our home and all our belongings to buy this," the Jameses said.

They showed the abandoned trailer park, which included a dilapidated caravan.

It took the couple nearly two years to find the perfect spot to build their off-grid oasis.

"We had almost given up hope, until one day we found an abandoned caravan park that was for sale just 10 minutes up the road," they said.

Coal miners who worked in the local colliery used to inhabit the area. But it was abandoned when the mine closed in 1980.

"We had zero expectations when we went to view the caravan at first," the couple revealed.

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"Little did we know that this would become our future home," they added.

It was a big risk for them, they said, since they only had $600 left in the bank after purchasing the land.

"Looking back it seems crazy," they said.

They admitted that they "had limited tools, limited knowledge, and little funds" but they were "so excited" to start renovating.

One hiccup they encountered was when they bought a 20-year-old touring van from Facebook.

"It seemed like a good idea at the time, but in reality, we had no idea what we were looking for," they explained.

It turned out that the van needed more work and repairs than they had anticipated.

But they knew it was something they wanted to live in "for a long time" so they decided to fix it up.

Ultimately, the Jameses were happy with the risk they took.



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"Living in the caravan over the last 12 months has shown us how little we need to be happy," they said.

"We can make anywhere a home," the YouTubers concluded.

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