I was bullied at school for being a ‘genuinely ugly child’ – when people see my glow up they can’t believe it | The Sun

A YOUNG woman who grew up as a “genuinely ugly child” has said she doesn’t know if she’ll “ever get used to” her improved look. 

Describing herself as an “overweight” teen who “nobody fancied”, April Opal now flaunts her abs on social media and is used to having men fawn over her. 

The 19-year-old content creator finds it “strange” that she is able to make a living off her good looks. 

“I was a genuinely strange child and as I got older it never really got better, “ she told Daily Star. 

“At about 13 or14, I was overweight and I didn’t do my makeup and all of that s**t.

“I have been heavily criticised for how I look and I was never anybody's first choice in school, nobody really fancied me. 

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“Which is totally fair enough because you don’t have to be attracted to everyone.”

April, from Middlesbrough, excelled academically in school and was in talks to land a university place in Cambridge or Oxford as a stem cell researcher.

But she turned her back on the books to go into modelling and content creation. 

She has over 21k followers across her TikTok and Instagram profiles. 

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Getting bullied at school still has an effect on her though, no matter how many flattering comments she gets on social media.

“It is like I am constantly waiting for everybody else to be like actually ‘we are joking, we don’t like how you look and really we think you are still that weird that kid’,” she said.

“But that hasn’t happened yet so I should probably stop worrying about it.

“I don’t think I’m ever going to get used to the fact that I’m paid for how I look because I was a genuinely ugly kid.

“I got relentlessly bullied for being an ugly kid”

Men she’s never met have proposed to April, and many have told her she is “wifey material”.

But she has no plans of settling down soon and is focused on travelling the world, recently visiting Thailand and Australia. 

“My goal now is to set myself up and have fun while I can and see amazing things,” she said.

“But I do want to put money aside, buy properties and rent them out going forward.”

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