I work at McDonald's and can tell what you look like just by what you order – from Big Mac fans to Filet-O-Fish lovers | The Sun

ARE you a Big Mac fan, or do you prefer a Filet-O-Fish?

Well, one McDonald's employee claims to be able to tell what you look like just by your order at the fast food restaurant.

"I work at McDonald’s and this is what people typically look like who order these things," Ella wrote over her TikTok video.

"Do not be offended," she added.

And clearly keen to stress she meant no offence with her findings, she added in the caption: "In the nicest way possible."

First up, those who order a Big Mac are most likely to be middle-aged men.

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While those who choose a Quarter Pounder with Cheese are usually middle-aged women.

The Filet-O-Fish is often ordered by elderly couples.

And lastly, those who customise their order by going for "any sandwich without a bun" are most likely to be lifestyle bloggers.

People were quick to weigh in on Ella's assessment, with one writing in the comments section: "The filet o fish is so accurate!"

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"Omg every time i go with my grandparents they got the filet o fish ahah," another added.

"NO BC THIS IS SO ACCURATE," a third said.

"As a mcdonald’s worker this is painfully accurate," someone else agreed.

But others weren't quite as convinced, insisting they don't fit into Ella's categories.

"I’m a middle aged man?" one questioned.

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"Justice for the filet o fish," another laughed.

As someone else wrote: "I’m the sandwich with no bun – not proud of it but I can’t eat bread."

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