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A STYLE guru says it's all about balance when you want to show some skin but also look elegant.

Ana Reyes shared the style tips on her popular TikTok account, but not everyone agreed with her take on "vulgar vs sexy elegant."

"Let's look at the difference between vulgar and sexy elegant," Reyes said in the video posted to her account.

"Remember, ladies, that it is all about a balance…if you want to look sexy elegant, you have to be careful with that."

She calls a long-sleeve deep v-cut dress with a slit up the thigh too revealing, as it fails to strike the challenging balance.

A look like this shows an excess of cleavage and an over-the-top amount of leg, according to Reyes.


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As an alternative, Reyes suggested a dress with a very low back cut.

Other parts of the body are covered but the back shows a sexy and flattering yet modest amount of skin.

"This is really classy and sexy," she said.

"It is showing the back, but the front is all covered."

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She went on to say that elegant women understand that they don't need to wear tiny clothes.

Elegance, Reyes suggested, is akin to femininity.

"You are attractive for just being a woman," she said.

"Your femininity makes you attractive, and it makes you sexy."

Reyes said of a woman in a simple, loose A-line dress: "She isn't showing much but she still looks beautiful and sexy.

"She is attractive and she is a woman."

To sum up her lesson, Reyes said that it's all about balancing the following areas of the body:

  • Silhouette
  • Shoulders
  • Collarbones
  • Legs
  • Back
  • Neck

Her sentiments were echoed in the comments.

One user said: "the girls that get it, get it," with an emoji to show applause.

Another user, who is a former fashion student, said: "This is very true. When I was in fashion school, they said the exact same thing in my classes. Not the exact wording, but exact idea."

Other users were heated by the idea that a woman's wear should dictate how she is portrayed.

One commenter said: "I dont know how to feel about this video, honestly just feels like judgement to me.

"Let the girls dress what they want, they arent vulgar for it."

Another person asked: "what is it abt showing skin that’s considered unclassy to you?"

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Reyes replied: "Girl stop fighting, if you dress like this and you like it! Then dress like this proudly.

"I never said skin is not classy, go fight with yourself."

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