Emmerdale van driver identity exposed as fans work out Mack crash victim
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    Emmerdale fans are sure they know the identity of the white van driver in last week's crash that has left Chloe Harris fighting for her life. With Chloe behind the wheel, her fiancé Mackenzie Boyd and his ex Charity Dingle were also injured, but survived to walk away.

    With Chloe still in a coma, fans have been puzzling over the identity of the other driver, who was behind the wheel of a white van when they smashed into the side of the car. The police mentioned getting them to a hospital, but their identity hasn't yet been revealed.

    But taking to X – formerly known as Twitter – this week, fans aired their theories, with plenty suggesting the crash could herald the return of a major character to the village: Debbie Dingle. With her mum Charity involved in the crash, things could get even more tense if Debbie is revealed to be the other driver.

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    One fan penned: "Anyone else reckon the white van driver in Emmerdale was Debbie? Rumours of her return were about for a while…"

    Someone else echoed: "I get the feeling that we aren't supposed to be worried for the van driver, even though with the impact that the crash created, he/she could be injured too, and what happened to the van? And where did it come from? There was no road to drive from? A very strange storyline…"

    A third fan didn't hesitate to follow up: "What happened to the white van occupants??? They never drove off with that impact!"

    While another posted: "Still no sign of the van and the van driver…" and someone else said: "Where is the van/vehicle that smashed in to Chloe?? Vanished? Where's the driver?? C'mon!!!!"

    Actress Charley Webb has already teased her return to TV, promising she will be back on our screens before the year is out during a candid Instagram Q&A. As one fan begged: "When will we see you back on our screens? Can't wait!", Charley replied with, "Before the end of the year".

    However, those roles didn't appear to be in Emmerdale. Instead, Charley has starred in both drama Better, as Elise, and crime series The Long Shadow, as Anna Lawson.

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    Speaking of quitting the ITV soap in the first place, Charley said: "This is always my most asked question but I’ve never answered it before because I’ve never wanted to make a big deal of it. I left to have Ace 2 years ago. I went back at the end of last year for 10 weeks to complete a storyline. So, I guess officially it’s been a year. I never felt the need to announce it which is why we didn’t."

    A source told The Sun: "Charley is closing the door on Emmerdale for good and won’t be going back. Naturally the door is open for her character, who is now living in Scotland, should she change her mind. But for now she is looking to the future."

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