Obsessions Charlie Murphy details how sordid sex scenes were shot

Obsession – Official Trailer

Based on the gripping 1991 novel Damage by Josephine Hart, Obsession sees successful surgeon and family man William (played by Richard Armitage) become addicted to his son Jay’s (Rish Shah) new girlfriend Anna (Charlie Murphy). As Anna’s relationship with Jay continues, she and his dad start regularly sleeping together in a flat she house-sits while her friend’s away. Netflix’s Obsession is filled with raunchy sex scenes from the get-go, something Murphy has grown accustomed to during her varied career.

WARNING: This article contains spoilers from Obsession.

Obsession’s sex scenes may appear passionate and spur of the moment – but they are carefully orchestrated.

The cast worked very closely with intimacy coordinator Adelaide Waldrop, who choreographed all of these raunchy moments prior to the cameras starting to shoot.

So much like a fight sequence, every small movement is planned in a bid to make the actors feel more comfortable on set.

While this is now standard practice for filming shows and films, this has only been the case for the past six years or so.

At a screening for Obsession, talking to Express.co.uk and other press, actress Charlie Murphy commented: “Even though we were naked we felt we had armour and we could have fun.”

She continued to explain how she has worked on other jobs where there was no one to guide the actors during these vulnerable scenes.

Murphy said: “I think it all kind of fell into place in the rehearsal.

“In previous jobs, you’d be knocking at someone’s door at 6am going ‘Hi, sorry I know you’re probably getting ready and eating breakfast but do you mind if I touch your bum in that moment? Ok I’ll see you on set.’, that happens.”

Murphy continued: “And I’ve been on jobs where my very first day and my established job is a sex scene so I’m saying hello to the crew for the first time as I’m taking off my top and trying to get into the scene.

“So it was such a joy not having to deal with any of that and be afforded time…for me, it makes everything so much richer.”

Actress Murphy is probably best known for portraying activist Jessie Eden in the iconic BBC period drama Peaky Blinders.

Her career has been going on long before the world of Tommy Shelby came to fruition, having also starred in Single-Handed, The Village, Love/Hate, The Last Kingdom and Rebellion.

Fans will also recognise her as Ann Gallagher in BBC’s Happy Valley which reached its conclusion earlier this year.

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She is now taking on one of the starring roles in Obsession as Anna who is secretly having a fling with her boyfriend Jay’s dad William.

Murphy is far from the only familiar face in the four-part series as she is joined by The Hobbit and The Stranger star Richard Armitage.

He said he was intrigued to get involved in the Netflix thriller to explore its taboo topics.

Armitage commented: “I was fascinated by the psychology of what leads a very successful man, with a really good marriage, a great family and, really, nothing wrong in his life, to risk everything.

“Was there a point when he could have stepped away, not crossed the line?

“Or was the attraction so compelling it was out of his hands? I wanted to explore the idea of choice.

“You could take one path and stay on the right side of the line or you could cross it and watch the rest of your life unravel from that decision.

“I wanted people to ask themselves what side of the line they’d be on.”

Obsession premieres on Thursday, April 13, on Netflix.

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