Priti Patel slams gender ideology and insists 'political correction' has taken over schools during rally | The Sun

PRITI Patel launched an attack on gender ideology as she called for parents to have a say on what their kids learn in school.

The former Home Secretary said she was horrified by woke ideas being promoted by taxpayer-funded bodies.

She said a culture of “political correction” had taken over schools, councils and government departments in Whitehall.

And the senior Tory blamed the “corrosive culture” on socialism.

She told a rally of the New Conservatives in Manchester: “We need to call out these appalling ideas and we have to reject them.

“I’m horrified by what I hear from parents.



Stop teaching gender ideology in primary schools and let kids be kids


Schools to be banned from letting kids change gender if parents say no

“I just find it very, very concerning where children are being targeted around gender issues, parents’ rights are now being taken away.

"We do now need to go back to our institutions, back to our schools, and give, for example, parents the right to say 'no'. It's as simple as that.

Ms Patel said she wanted the Tories to "take back a degree of control" in local bodies and schools to make sure the rights of parents are heard.

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