Watch moment TikTok ghost hunter is ‘swatted’ during live stream as cops hold him at gunpoint thinking he’s a burglar | The Sun

A popular TikTokker has shared his traumatic ordeal after being “ambushed” by armed cops during a live stream and claims spirits warned him.

Kalani, 23, a ghost hunter, regularly explores “haunted” places across the US and shares his experiences on TikTok (@kalanighosthunter) with his 2.2 million followers.

He has recently taken his adventures to the next level with a seven-day investigation at Octagon House, a historic landmark built in 1883, located in Circleville, Ohio.

But, on day four, the Nashville native claims he was “ambushed” after armed local cops arrived during his live stream – with a confused viewer mistaking the hunter for a burglar.

“An out-of-state number reported the live stream for burglary and vandalism, where we were put in handcuffs and detained,” Kalani said.

Sharing the traumatic ordeal with his fans, he uploaded a three-part clip of the live stream, with one clip racking up 127,000 views and over 7,000 likes.


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The video begins with Kalani opening up the door, as two police officers shout: “Let me see your hands, stand back.”

As he backs away, the two officers enter the home, before asking Kalani to turn around and set down his camera.

More police officers enter the scene, where they inform him that he’ll be placed in handcuffs while they search him as he’s a “big guy.”

After debriefing with the officers, they leave the scene and apologise to those watching the live stream.

Kalani’s viewers flocked to the comments to share their reactions, with many praising the ghost hunter for his cooperation.

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“You were very respectful and listened to them, that’s important…sorry this happened to you,” one person said.

Another user added: “BRO!! Every ghost in that place is traumatised,” followed by a ghost emoji.

“I stepped away from the live for one minute and all this went down. Glad it turned out on a good note,” someone else said.

“They almost turned you into a ghost,” one viewer commented.

Kalani added: “I’m living in the house alone, but was with my friend when they arrived in multiple cars.

“We were investigating upstairs in the house [prior] and had a very innocent message come through during a spirit box session.

“They said: ‘They are coming’ and at first, I thought this was nothing.

“A few minutes later, I had police at the door and I truly think the spirit was warning us that the police were in pursuit.”

“I was surprised to hear the police pounding on the front door, but when I heard them, I knew something was up.

“Several minutes before they arrived, a random account said they were going to call the police – but I didn’t think much of it because people joke all the time.

“I had full authority and permission to be in the home, so I wasn’t worried about it, but they decided a call needed to be made.

“It all worked out in the end and luckily, no one was hurt, but it could’ve been a bad situation.”


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The ghost hunter has previously discovered “one of the most terrifying places” in America, an abandoned amusement park located in Virginia, where he captured an eerie sight of swings moving on their own.

Now, he’s thanked his friend, @ghostlytravelswithzac, for being with him during the ordeal and his property manager, Tommy Gill, for clearing everything up with the sheriffs.

This is not the first time a popular social media star has been a victim of swatting, after Twitch streamer Adin Ross was stormed in on by swat police in November. 

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The gamer was briefly banned on the popular gaming site after his flat was swatted for the second time in three months.

Ross shared a clip of police cars and sirens outside his apartment and was seen being alerted of a SWAT team arriving at his house during a broadcast.

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