My boobs have TOTALLY disappeared after I lost weight… people think I’ve had them removed, I don't know what happened | The Sun

A WOMAN who lost loads of weight was left stunned when her huge boobs disappeared in the process.

Sophia took to TikTok to share a video which showed the incredible difference before and after she shed the pounds.

"Me before losing 40 pounds," she wrote over a clip of herself flaunting her cleavage in a low-cut grey top.

"After," she then added, as she showed what she looks like now.

In the footage, she was seen wearing a teeny black bra and leggings – with her bust a mere shadow of what it used to be.

"Y**ties left the chat," she captioned the video.

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The comments section was quickly flooded with people weighing in on her transformation, with some even accusing her of having a surgical reduction.

"I don't believe this! For sure you have had surgery," one wrote.

As another asked: "Did they leave all by themselves??"

"Hahaha, yes!" Sophia replied.

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"I can relate," someone else commented.

"It happens cause our genetics makes us store fat in that area and when we lose fat we lose that area too."

"That’s what happens to me. They leave first," another revealed.

But others insisted they preferred how Sophia looked before.

"Wow u looked 1000 times better, slim is not always nice, your stock goes down to 1%," one wrote.

"omg. I'm sorry but you looked amazing before," another added.

"That's a crime against humanity," a third insisted.

"I prefer your before shot to be honest!!" someone else agreed.

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